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The price of the horses for sale include coggins, health certificate and a new halter and lead rope.

The price of the horse includes a stay on our facility for up to two months at no additional cost. 

After two months board of $200 per month will be charged for all horses until they are picked up by either the new owner or transport unless other arrangements are made or the contract stipulates other conditions.

Board includes feed, water, de-worming on a rotational basis, hoof trimming by our farrier and keeping the horse brushed and clean.

 Board also includes horse taken out of general population and put in a separate pen with access to a private stall.

Shots are part of the boarding fee. 

If the horse you are purchasing needs vet services of any kind, you will be notified immediately. 

Our goal is to maintain our horses or the horses you purchase in the best possible condition that they can be in when you receive them.

The time to ask questions or seek information is before the contract has been negotiated, once we have signed the contract, we will stand by what we have agreed to in the contract.  

All of our horses are negative for the 5 panel diseases: 
HYPP, PSSM1, HERDA, GBED and MH.  All test results will be provided. Color tests will be provided. 

405-830-0921     iwltrvl@att.net 


Annie is a 2013 Amber Champagne Filly. She is Homozygous Champagne.
She is color tested: Ee/Aa/CHCH.
She is negative on the 5 panel disease test. 
The test was done by U C Davis via AQHA.  
Annie is gentle and sweet. 

Skippin The Bars, Annie's sire is a performance horse in mounted shooting and doing well. He has won many competitions and is still showing. 

Pedigree: Annie

Annie is off of the Market Currently

2012 Amber Dun Champagne Filly
Rayne is the filly that looks dun colored in the pictures. The grulla is not for sale.
Rayne is color tested: Ee/Aa/Dd/nCh. She is heterozygous, carrying one copy of black and red, one dominant agouti and one recessive agouti, one dun factor and one champagne gene.
She is very sweet & loves people. Negative for the 5 panel disease test done by U C Davis via AQHA.

Pedigree: Rayne

Rayne is for sale for $4,500


2014 Classic Cream Dun (Smoky Grulla Champange).
She is one of the rarest of the champagne lines.  
Color tested: Ee/aa/Dd/nCh/nCr
Song is negative for the 5 panel disease tests.
She has been DNA Parentage Verified.
All of Song's tests have been done by UC Davis via AQHA.
Song is a beautiful filly that is very friendly.

Pedigree: Song

Song is For Sale:  $3,500
2013 Amber Champagne

She is tested Homozygous champagne. Color tested: Ee/AA/CHCH. Negative for the 5 panel disease tests by UC Davis VGL.

She is a super sweet mare, a dream come true.

Pedigree: Sandy

Sandy is Priced at $7,000

Mjk Vanzi Glo N Ice
2011 Classic Cream Champagne, Homozygous Black
Color Tested: EE/aa/nCh/nCr

Negative for the 5 panel.

Pedigree: Glo

Glo is Off of the Market Currently Due to Upcoming Foal.